an inconvenient proof

The NFL needs to make good with the players that have suffered for the game they loved in their effort to make rich people wealthy.

We all understand that the science and research that exists now hasn’t been around long but the fact remains that player’s health and safety took a backseat to winning for a very long time.

I’m sure that at a young age even if you were asked whether or not you cared if you’d be a vegetable at age 50 or 60, have depression or wouldn’t be able to walk we’d still say “put me in coach”. That said, should the league not take care of the men that made it the most popular sport in the Nation? The business that made so many fortunes even more fortunate for the few while the many suffer. Sound familiar?

We get it, it was a mistake. I can deal with some old school ignorance as an excuse for being a dick… kinda. However, the fact remains that in a time when players were suffering the worst, they were being paid less and had a benefit program that ended after after 5 years (if you played for at least 3 seasons). Did you know that if you make it on to a Major league baseball roster for one day, you are then covered for life. 1 day. Baseball?

Our childhood hero’s have been and are hurting from their sacrifices to the game we love. The men who built the league into what it is today get nothing for their time on the field but memories and pain.

The biggest black eye in my opinion, that will be remembered  by fans and participants is when the NFL was making a shit load of profits, it made no move to right its biggest wrong.

To the Fans, the NFL says “come and watch our great game. We’re making it safer. We have coverage that will now cover players under the current CBA with health care for the rest of their lives” It’s just the right thing to do.

To old players they say. Tough shit. Thanks for the use of your mind and body. Sorry we fucked it up so bad.

I’m not bashing the NFL. I love the NFL. Football saved my life. The players I grew up watching saved my life. We owe them our allegiance. Don’t we? It’s just the right thing to do.

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